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Baker’s Nursery

“…Payback? Well, it starts with ‘Will this improve the quality of life of me and my staff?’…”

-Todd Baker

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Jeff Little, Latham’s South Carolina division manager, (left) and Hunter Latham - Latham's Nursery

Latham’s Nursery

“…people are getting more than twice as much work done than they used to…”

-Hunter Latham

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Tow Motor Driver at Decker's Nursery

Decker’s Nursery

“Because of automation [we’ve] learned how…to have a streamlined, labor-friendly operation”

-Brian Decker

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Keepsake Plants

“If you want to be in business at this level, you have to automate”

-Rob Bigley

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Employees at Bergen's

Bergen’s Greenhouses

“Our output is amazing now. We’re 30% more productive using the same amount of people.”

-Chris Bergen

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Plant Marketing

“We move the machine right out into the [house]…It’s very efficient, very fast, very quick.”

-Larry Reit

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Floor Layout

Preparing to Automate

“…we can provide growers with a realistic production design…to accomplish their goals”

-Bill Bissell

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