Over $850,000 parts inventory

Our parts personnel are ready
to help customers identify and
obtain the parts they need.

Double checking to make sure
one of our customers receives
the correct part.

AgriNomix Parts Department

No matter how much engineering and manufacturing excellence goes into industrial machinery, the reality is that parts are going to wear and parts are going to fail.  In order to maintain our high standards for customer satisfaction, AgriNomix has invested significant resources to ensure that our customers have the right parts, when they need them, to keep their production rolling.  We emphasize the following priorities in the operation our Parts Department


  • Accurate, high levels of inventory – Our challenge is to accurately forecast the parts needs of our 400+ customers, both short and long term.  Additionally, some of our machines have been in service for over 15 years which adds to the complexity of our parts inventory management task.  To meet the needs of our customers in this complex environment, AgriNomix has invested over $850,000 in our spare parts inventory.  Also, through experience and historical data, we are able to accurately predict the ongoing parts needs of our customers.
  • Computerized inventory control – Our ERP system helps us keep track of which parts need to be re-ordered and the quantities we have on hand at any given moment.  In addition to the nuts and bolts function of tracking inventory levels and automatic reordering, our system recognizes trends in a part’s performance that allows us to take corrective action and increase a part or sub-assembly’s overall availability, quality and performance.
  • Spare parts consulting – Our highly qualified and experienced parts personnel spend a lot of time on the phone helping our customers understand what parts they need.  Our parts personnel have substantial experience and expertise with all of our machines.  Their up front work with our customers result in more effective parts orders and greater customer satisfaction.  Our Parts and Service departments are in constant communication and collaboration to solve any customer problems.
  • Prompt, accurate, and cost effective shipping – AgriNomix has shipping specialists that get our spare parts orders out correctly, on time, and at the best rates possible.  We work with our customers to find creative ways to deliver parts, always with an eye on priority and cost.

You don’t often find companies highlighting their spare parts departments on their website.  In the horticulture automation business we recognize that our strength in this area is vital to our customers’ success.  During peak times in the season, down time can be very costly to a grower.  Our investment in this area helps keep our customers up and running.