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Our Customer Service Commitment

At AgriNomix, excellent customer service is the cornerstone of our company philosophy.  It permeates every aspect of our business.  No internal company function or issue trumps a customer calling in with a question or a problem.  Every employee in our company is held accountable for delivering superior customer service, any time they are on the job.


The following are some of the important ways AgriNomix delivers excellent service to our customers:


  • Consultative sales – Our sales people are trained and managed to fully understand our customers’ needs first, and only after that, to begin talking about our products and services.  This holds true for something relatively simple like a conveyor, to sitting down with a grower (sometimes for days) and laying out the automation in his new production barn that will drive company production for the next decade.  We strive to understand our customers’ short and long term objectives, environment, operating/budgetary constraints, and priorities before we recommend any solution.
  • Commitment to manufacturing & engineering excellence – Whether its products from our worldwide network of partners, or products designed, engineered, and manufactured by AgriNomix, we are committed to delivering high quality products to our customers.  Our partners are chosen because they offer best-in-class products to our market, and they share this commitment to excellence with us. Providing this dynamic, high quality portfolio of solutions to our customers is one our most important services.
  • Integration, installation and training – When a customer purchases an automation solution from AgriNomix, we make sure the system is set up and integrated properly at our facility.  A big part of this work is the control panels and software programs that give our customers complete, integrated control over multiple components in the system.  We also provide the option of on site installation and training.  Our expert technicians can set up the equipment, make sure its functioning optimally in its new environment, and fully train the staff.
  • Keeping our customers’ machines up and running – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, someone is on call at AgriNomix  to work with our customers.  Our expert staff of technicians are trained to service the full breadth of our product line.  We offer telephone support, remote login (for many of our machines), as well as on site service calls.  Our service people also work closely with our Parts department to ensure that the right parts are shipped to the customer to address the problem.
  • Adjustments and fine tuning – Many of our customers request our technicians visit them on an ongoing basis to make sure the equipment is adjusted and fine tuned to the most current operating environment and conditions.

At AgriNomix, excellent customer service is not something new that we decided to try this year.  It has been the guiding force behind our company since its inception in 1994.  It’s one of the reasons you can still sometimes find our company president laying under a customer’s transplanter, with his meter and wrenches, troubleshooting the machine.