AgriNomix Partners

A crucial element of our value to our customers is the leading edge automation technology we offer through our partners from around the world.  AgriNomix choses our partners very carefully, based on the following criteria:


  1. Impactful Technology – We are looking for technology that solves real problems for our customers in innovative, reliable and cost effective ways.  Most of our partners have been added to our product line because they helped us solve a problem for one of our customers.  From there, we have developed these relationships and products for the benefit of North American market.
  2. High Quality – We choose our partners based on their commitment to high quality; both in design and engineering, as well as in the manufacturing and quality control areas.  Working with our partners, we provide our customers with automation solutions that are engineered and manufactured to world class standards for performance, durability and reliability.
  3. Commitment to Customer Service – We select partners who share our commitment to customer service and will work with us to ensure that our customers stay up and running and are getting the most out of their machines.
  4. Responsive to the Needs of Our Market – AgriNomix has strong relationships with our partners, with access to the top level executives and ownership of these prestigious companies.  When one of our customers has an issue or special need, we can make sure that it receives the highest level of visibility with our partners.

A significant advantage we offer to our customers is that we can select the best products from this powerful group of companies and integrate a total solution.  We provide all the connections, controls and programming that make sure all the world class components from our partners, as well as from our own manufactured products, will work together effectively and reliably to maximize ROI to our customers.  You can learn more about our partners by clicking the links to their web sites above.