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AgriNomix Service Bulletin:  VBT-5-11 (Door latch adjustment)


Machine:  Urbinati Vertical Bale Shaver purchased between late 2009, and early 2011.


Subject:  Door latch bracket adjustment in relation to door safety switch.   The door latch bracket is slotted to allow for adjustability to prevent the safety latch key from engaging the switch in any way unless the doors are fully closed.  If latch is out of adjustment and set too high, the safety switch key could hit the switch if the doors are not closed all the way. This could result in a bent or broken switch key or switch key mounting bracket.


photo1 (2)


Correct Adjustment Procedure:

  • The top of the latch bar should hit the latch bracket before the key hits the switch.  Fig. 2 shows the correct adjustment.
photo2 (1)

Fig.1 Out of adjustment. Key hits switch first.                      Fig.2 Adjusted correctly. Latch bar hits latch first.

  • If the switch key hits the switch prior to the latch bar hitting the latch bracket, then the bracket is out of adjustment.  Fig. 1 is out of adjustment. Notice the position of the latch bracket on top and the slotted holes.  The latch bracket needs to be adjusted down.

NOTE: After adjusting the latch bracket down, if required, close the door and latch completely and check the machine operation to be sure switch key is still fully seated in the switch.


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