Shipping Carts

How the Program Works

In the years of serving our market’s needs for high-tech automation solutions, we have seen our customers struggle with procuring cost effective carts, built to their specifications, and delivered on time.  We have decided to get involved in this product area, and to bring our experience to what has been a very unpredictable market in terms of price, quality, and delivery.

After an extensive evaluation of possible suppliers, we have formed an alliance with a very reputable cart manufacturer in Vietnam.  Together, we have developed a pricing and distribution strategy we believe will be highly attractive to our customers in North America.  We will bring the following advantages to a currently unstructured market:

  1. rational pricing strategy, providing the industry’s best value, as well as timely quoting
  2. A proven system for specifying, quoting, and delivering carts on time, as ordered
  3. An efficient sample program, from the factory, to proof the cart  (No Surprises!)
1. Pricing Strategy – (Minimum Order:  1 shipping container load of carts)

Our pricing strategy is very simple and based on three main factors:

  • Cart Style, Options, and Specifications

    – We have 4 standard cart styles (see below) that capture a substantial percentage of what most of our customers want.  Also, there are options for shelf types, casters, colors, brakes, etc.  Finally, dimensions and materials can be specified.

  • Weight

     – How much does each component of the specified cart weigh?  Based on cart style and options, we have a simple multiplier, per kilogram, to arrive at a total price.

  •  Time of Year– Because of the seasonal demands of our industry, we can offer our customers significant discounts for planning ahead and ordering carts during times when the factory isn’t operating at full capacity.  That discount schedule looks like this:

    • 20% Discount – June, July, August, Sept. 1st -15th
    • 10% Discount – Sept. 16th -30th, Oct., Nov., Dec., Jan.
    • List Price – Feb., March, April, May
2. Specification & Quoting

Your AgriNomix sales professional can help you put together the information needed to provide a quotation.  After this information is compiled, he will quickly turn around a comprehensive, price competitive quote for your review.

3. Samples – See what you are getting

Unless you are re-ordering a cart we have built for you previously, we strongly recommend you take advantage of our sample program, where we make a sample of the cart for your inspection.  Once we have developed a quotation that you find competitive, and we have agreed on the terms of your order, we will make a sample of your specified cart in our factory.  Before we ship thousands of carts to a customer, this program ensures they will receive the cart they expect.

Under this program, we will build the sample without cost to our customers , charging only the shipping cost from Vietnam to your location.  The entire process usually takes about 30 days.

PDF Brochure


If you expect to order a container or more of carts in the next 12 months…
  1. Contact your AgriNomix sales professional.
  2. Let’s discuss your cart needs and work up pricing.
  3. Compare our program to how you are acquiring carts now.

Four Main Cart Styles