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The Sub-Irrigator provides the advantages of ebb-and-flow irrigation in an in-line setup. It is ideal for use in seeding, propagation and shipping lines, where uniform watering is needed and overhead watering would either be insufficient or not desirable. The final watering before shipping can be critical and the sub-irrigator fully waters the roots without putting moisture, and therefore the possibility of molding, on the upper parts of the plant during shipping.



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Features / Benefits:
• Stainless steel body and corrosion free plastic transport chain.
• Float valve water level control for precise water control.
• Variable speed motor provides another way to control the amount of water given to the plant.
• Fully adjustable width guides to hold trays in position as they move through the water.

• 3′ X 9′ outside dimensions
• 21.5″ maximum space between the adjustable tray guide rails
• Trays travel through maximum of 42″ of submersible area (adjustable)
• 3/4 hp motor, 2.8 amps
• 110 vac

• Four (4) bar overhead water manifold with photo electric eye control.
• Filter box for runoff


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