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Double Rail Watering Boom

Watering is one of the most important and labor intensive jobs in a greenhouse. Of all the possible greenhouse tasks to automate, watering will have the highest return on investment. Boom irrigation is considered the most accurate and flexible form of overhead irrigation. This double rail design is an ideal solution for bays from 21′ to 42′ wide and up to 600′ long. The CPU based control system provides numerous program combinations for watering and / or treating crops. And the user-friendly interface makes entering or changing programming commands convenient, easy and fast.



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• Bar holding trolley with four wheels mounted on bearings.
• Electronic touch control panel with LED data display.
• Telescopic bar support for height adjustment.
• Modular system assembly, suitable for any structure.

• Four levels of CPU program control.
• Handheld remote control.
• Supervisory programming interface for personal computers.
• Boom with one or two rows of spray nozzles.


Electrical Requirements:
• 220 Volt

Programming Commands (with CPU level 4):
• Forward/backward
• Cycle automatic/manual/continuous
• Speed adjustment from 10′ – 43’/min.
• One or two direction irrigation
• Program number of cycles
• Pre-drain timer
• Starting delay in continuous cycle
• Program daily start times
• Program zone irrigation


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