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T1500E Crate-Tray Washer

The T1500E Crate and Tray Washer can help eliminate the problem of transferring disease through contaminated crates and trays. A heavy-duty pump circulates heated water and washes containers from all angles through pressure nozzles located above, below, and on both sides. Detergents can also be mixed into this main wash to add even more cleaning power. An easily removed drawer houses the screen for larger particle trapping. This stainless steel unit with variable speed conveyor is capable of cleaning and disinfecting up to 600 trays per hour. It can also be used almost anywhere and is fitted with built-in forklift pockets for easy transporting.


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• 304 stainless steel construction
• Easy-to-clean, stainless steel sliding drawer filter
• High-pressure spray nozzle lines on top, bottom, and sides of tray conveyor
• Water level controlled automatically by an electric valve
• Separately controlled after-rinse section water bars. Non-recyclable disinfectant can be injected into after-rinse water supply in the standard machine
• Automatic tray in-feed and out-feed conveyors
• In-line disinfectant spray chamber with recycling drip-pan conveyor
• In-line tray-drying blower
• Automatic clean tray stacking unit
• Larger capacity machines to increase through put or wash larger crates
• Water heating with a heat exchanger or steam
• High temperature wash up to 176°F
Crate/Tray Size Capacity:
• 21″ W x 14″ H maximum

Processing Speed:
• Up to 600 plug trays per hour

Power Requirements:
• 220VAC, 3 phase, 100 A

Water Tank:
• 85 gallons with low level protection

Washing Temperature:
• 140°F

• 9’8″ L x 3’1″ W x 5’4″ H

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