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Pot Washer

The Pot Washer ensures that your containers are neat and clean before you deliver them to your customer. The pots travel along the built-in conveyor belt with stainless steel frame. The pots rotate on the conveyor belt, allowing the rotating brush to effortlessly clean all sides of the pot with just water. The dirt and water are neatly drained into the water collection tank. The speed of the conveyor belt, the belt drive, which ensures the rotation of the pot, and the up and down movement of the brushes can all be set as desired.


Pot Washer Machine Photo









  • Belt drive and stainless-steel conveyor with speed control
  • Horizontal brush with adjustable up and down movement
  • Integrated nozzles in the brush
  • Cleans pots 3.5” to 12” in diameter
  • Water collection container
  • Standard water connection
  • Compact and mobile

Electrical Requirements:

  • 230 VAC- 3 Phase


Dimensions & Weight:

  • 124” L x 52” W x 56” H
  • 675 lbs.


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