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Revolving Trimmer

The Revolving Trimmer reduces trimming crew labor hours while improving the quality and consistency of your plants. Plants are placed on the internal conveyor and transported into the shaping position. Once the plant arrives, the pot is automatically grabbed and held in place. The cutting head then revolves around the plant, trimming the plant to the desired shape. The shaping blades can be easily adjusted by hand to trim plants into a ball or pyramid shape. An on-board programmable logic controller enables the operator to set the number of rotations and the speed by which the plants are shaped. Manual controls on the cabinet are provided as well, to fine tune both functions during shaping.


• Electronic safety interlock and emergency stop controls
• Ball or pyramid shaping capability
• Four shaping blades are standard

• A 5th blade assembly can be added

• Trims up to 8” off leafy, non-woody product
• Trims up to 4” of new growth off of woody product
• Woody product stem size limited to 3/16th of an inch
• Accepts from 6” to 10” diameter pots
• Accommodates plants up to 20” in diameter, and 26” tall, prior to trimming


• 120”L x 32”W x 96H”

Electrical Requirements:
• 230VAC, Single Phase

• Utilizes 90V motors for trimming blade assemblies

• 900 lbs.


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