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EZ Cut Trimmer

This flexible over-the-ground trimmer has been one of our most powerful labor savings devices for many of our customers. Powerful and precise, this trimmer will trim beds, with only two workers, 4 to 5 times faster than a crew of 8 workers can do the job, with much more uniform results. Adjustable frame accommodates any bed sizes between 5 and 10 feet. Blower and bag collection system captures all clippings to keep them off plants, out of beds, and to allow the re-use of clippings as cuttings.



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Standard Frame Dimensions:
• Wheelbase: 5’, extending to 11’
• Width: 4’ (excluding collection bag)

Cutting Blade Height Adjustment:
•  5 ½”- 38” from the ground

Cutting Blade Width:
• 5′-3″

Maximum Trimming Height Capacity Per Pass:
• 5″

• Light-weight, only 110 lbs
• 15″ Run-Flat tires
• Clippings collected in large capacity collection bag
• Adjustable wheelbase to accommodate different growing bed sizes
• Easy height and width adjustments

• Electric trimmer / blower motor conversion
• Custom frames for rolling benches and nursery trailers
• Vacuum clipping collection system
• Poinsettia pinching kit


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