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Disinfecting Trimmer

The Disinfecting Trimmer utilizes the same highly successful vacuum system and cutting heads as the AgriNomix Venti Trimmers with a very important addition; dual disinfecting baths have been added to facilitate active submerged disinfection of each set of knifes while the other is trimming.

The disinfecting process is initiated through a programmable timer that allows the operator to automatically exchange cutting heads at the push of a button. The unique dual trimming head assembly rotates automatically then initiates the raising of disinfecting baths to submerge the trimming blades in the solution. Blades oscillate slowly when submerged for maximum effect. While one head is disinfecting, the other head is trimming again.

The disinfecting solution is added to a reservoir mounted on top of the machine. The solution is dispensed into the baths and levels are controlled through the use of a float valve. All debris and clippings are drawn through the indirect suction vacuum and deposited in a mesh bag inside the side-mounted canister making removal quick and easy. The correct trimming height is manually adjusted by the operator prior to trimming. In short, the Disinfecting Trimmer offers added protection while maximizing plant quality and uniformity!

     picture of the disenfecting trimmer from infeedpicture of the disinfecting trimmer outfeed side

DisinfectingTrimmerInside 800

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Cutting Width:
• 16″ Wide

Cutting Height:
•Limited to 5” trimming per pass on plants ranging from 1” to 24” tall

Electrical Requirements:
• 220 V, 3 phase

•16’ 5”L x 60”W x 80”H


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