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YPS16L Young Plant Sorter

The YPS16L is a versatile and compact young plant sorter for vegetable plants, flowers, trees, breeding crops, and plants used for medicinal purpose. The machine focuses on simplicity, plant friendliness, dirt sensitivity, and hygiene. Utilizing the proven Aris vision technology, the young plants are directly sorted into the correct tray without the need for cups. The sorting machine grades and sorts the young plants into four classifications: 100%, 50%, 33% and waste. The machine delivers unprecedented precision, speed, and management performance.

video of the young plant sorter



  • Classification for up to four groups (including waste)
  • Sorting: 100%, 50% or 33% downgrading per classification
  • Reliable: classification without cup intervention
  • Reliable classification: leaf surface area, stem diameter, leaf development stage and plant volume are all measurable
  • Compact machine: requires approx. 20 m² floorspace
  • Based on chlorophyll fluorescence technology
  • Hygienic: plant contact is prevented and the grippers are disinfected
  • Low maintenance costs thanks to proven components and minimal moving parts
  • With proven Aris vision technology
  • Capabilities depend on sorting ratios


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