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RW1500 Transplanter

The RW Transplanter’s state of the art electronics and wireless technology are combined to dramatically improve flexibility, provide intuitive user interface touch screen functionality, and increase planting throughput. This innovative design allows plug tray and finish container changeovers to be accomplished in only a few minutes.


PDF Brochure
Layout Drawing
video of the RW1500 transplanter


• Independent finger movement
• Wireless communication
• Up to 24 fingers
• Max. finger spread 1500mm (57.5″)
• Pinching spade gripper design does not require push-up pins
• User friendly graphical touch-screen control
• Electronic planting depth and plug tray height adjustment

Finish Containers:
• Flats, shuttle trays, and individual pots 6″ in diameter and above

Plug Trays:
• From 512 to 50 cell trays.

Transplant Speed :
• Up to 24,000 plugs/hour **

Electrical Requirements:
• 230 VAC, 3 phase, 16 AMPS

Air Requirements:
• 6 CFM

Example: rate depends on plug tray and finish container specs.


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