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High Speed Dibbler

The High Speed Dibbler allows growers to dibble holes in pots and flats in order to obtain uniform placement and planting depth. Holes can be dibbled at speeds up to 2,800 containers per hour. The machine utilizes high speed pneumatics and precision controls to achieve such high speeds. The High Speed Dibbler is equipped with magnetic dibble pins that quickly attach to a metallic mounting plate for ultimate flexibility and quick changeovers. Hole locations are set by manually positioning dibble pins directly in the pot or tray. Then, using the built in hand crank, the dibble plate is lowered to allow the magnet in the base of each dibble to simply attach to the plate as it comes into contact. In short, the High Speed Dibbler is a versatile machine, designed to meet the needs of today’s high speed production lines that are often changed due to product mix.

photo of a pot being dibbled in the dibbler

photo of the dibbler with the access door openphoto of the dibblerphoto of the dibbler control panel

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Layout Drawing


• High speed – up to 2,800 containers per hour
• Easily adjustable crank handle height adjustment
• Quick changing for virtually any dibble configuration
• Built in controls for integrating into existing production lines

• Multi-use dibble plates
• Custom dibble pins

Electrical Requirements:
• Choose between 120VAC, 1 Phase, or 208/230 VAC 1 Phase


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