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Euro-Assembly Line

Container gardens, color & variety mixes, and value-added packaging are industry trends that have many growers concerned as they watch their labor costs rise. The Euro-Assembly Line dramatically improves efficiency and production rates for specialty mixes and packaging. The indexing table system brings the plants to the workers eliminating wasted motion and reducing fatigue. The variable line speed and timer controlled pause function allow the pace of production to be set and maintained.



PDF Brochure
Layout Drawing
video of the euro assembly line


Standard Number of Indexing Tables:
• 14

Operating Modes:
• Continuous movement
• Pause at every index station
• Pause at every other station
• Pause at every third station

Line Speed :
• Variable with timer controlled pause mode

Electrical Requirements:
• 220 VAC, 3 phase, 6 AMPS

Standard Dimensions :
• Length- 18″
• Width- 7′
• Working Height- 33″


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