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Convertible Cuttings Line

The “Convertible” multi-purpose production line is designed to make the increased productivity of an in-line sticking and planting system affordable for any size grower. Automatic feeding of trays and an organized workstation allow workers to focus on the task at hand. Case studies have shown up to a two-fold increase in worker output. When needed, the upper belt can be removed to allow the entire production line to be converted to single layer operation for planting containers of all kinds.


PDF Brochure
Layout Drawing
video of a convertible cuttings line, also know as a sticking line



Number of workstations:
• 12, 16, or 24 station models
• Designed to your specifications

Electrical Requirements:
•120 VAC, 60 Hz, single phase (15 amps)

• 5 1/2′ W x 5′ H x 21′ L (12 station model)

• Convertible production options using the dual position in-feed conveyor
• Variable-speed belt control
• Integrated pause and standby controls
• Automatic empty tray delivery in cuttings line mode
• Folding workstation tables

• Integrated watering tunnel
• Integrated flat filler
• Spike or magnetic dibbler


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