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VBT Bale Shaver

Whether it’s peat or pre-mix, the VBT delivers consistent media texture and flow from the top of the bale to the bottom. The palletized bale is placed inside the machine, the doors are closed, then an elevator feeds the bale into the horizontal scraper that acts as a harrow to evenly extract the peat or pre-mix layer-by-layer. Improved processing maximizes compressed bale yield and moisture content consistency.

Layout Drawing



• Bulk material hopper low-level sensor turns on bale shaver as needed
• Automatic water application or no water
• Touch screen control panel
• Variable speed motors for precise control
• Space saving design saves up to 3″ in length and 1″ in width
• Enclosed design creates less dust
• Shown with optional fertilizer dispenser

• Max Bale Size: 55″ W x 52-3/4″ D x 113″ H ( Up to 135 Cubic Feet)

 Electrical Requirements:

• 230 VAC, 60 HZ, single or three phase

• 3,086 lbs.

 Dump Chute Height:
• Standard: 7″ 2″
• Optional: Up to 9′

 Outside Dimensions:
• 66″ W x 77″ D x 135″ H[/half_last]

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