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ROTO-MIX Batch Soil Mixer

Very powerful, large capacity batch mixer, positioned for our customers using coarse soil mixes with components like coir, compost, and heavy bark. The unique, double auger design is heavy duty enough to handle the toughest soil mixes. ROTO-MIX mixers feature industry-leading electronic scale systems for accurate and reliable ration batching. Choose from compression-type load sensors that feature a 1⁄10 of 1% accuracy or bar-type sensors that have 1⁄2 of 1% accuracy. We offer indicators with capabilities ranging from basic weigh-up, weigh-down to radio frequency, computer compatible systems, and everything in between.

Available in 10, 12.5, and 15 yard capacities.





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    • Augers – Only two augers with one-half to two-thirds less flighting than most conventional auger mixers. Extra heavy, small diameter wall auger tubes give maximum life with less maintenance.
    • Rotor – The patented rotor lifts feed up to the side augers that move the feed from end-to-end for thorough mixing. The lifting action of the rotor eliminates wedging of the hay or long cut feeds under the lower auger. Patented tumbling design allows easier pulling mixer action, reducing the load on the PTO, drive line and transmission.
    • Flanged, Double Flighted Top Auger – Flanged rotor and augers allow for easy removal. Patented double flighted top auger keeps large chunks of material out of the mixing chamber until processed.
    • Floating Lower Auger – Floating lower auger relieves pressure when wet or foreign material is inadvertently loaded into the mixer.
  • Drives – Complete extra-heavy-duty drive assembly runs in an enclosed oil bath

Electrical Requirements:
• 208/230 VAC, 3 phase (standard)

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