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DBB II Bale Shaver

The DBB II is designed to efficiently process highly compressed bales of peat moss. In order to accept balesfrom a pallet jack or fork lift, the hopper is raised to a vertical position. The bale is “shaved” from beneath by a chain and flight assembly. Peat moss is driven through a processing mill in the exit chute in order to achieve a consistent finished texture. Photoeye sensor controls look into the destination hopper to automatically start and stop the DBB II, supplying media as needed to a bulk hopper, filler or potting machine.

DBB II Bale Shaver

DBB II Bale ShaverDBB II Bale ShaverDBB II Bale ShaverDBB II Bale Shaver

PDF Brochure
Layout Drawing

Maximum Bale Size:
• Length- 55″
• Width- 49″
• Height- 110″

Maximum Bale Weight:
• 3,000 lbs.

Dump Chute Height:
• 5′-8″

Electrical Requirements:
• 220 VAC, 3 phase 19 amps

• 4,000 lbs.

• 131″ L x 74″ W x 124″ H”


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