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Batch Mixing Machines

The MC Series Batch Mixers are designed for uniform blending of a wide variety of materials such as peat, bark, soil, sand, chemicals, and fertilizers.  The ribbon blender channels material from the hopper sides through the center resulting in quick, even blending and easy material removal through the center discharge hatch, and then on to the discharge incline conveyor. Available in two models.

 Mixing Capacities                                        Batch Mixing Machines
  • MC1120 —  1.2 yards
  • MC2120 — 2.5 yards


             Batch Mixing Machines

                                Batch Mixing Machines

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MC1120 Layout
MC2120 Layout


  • Spiral ribbon blender with two stainless steel spirals for thorough mixing and exceptional durability
  • Includes watering bar with either automatic or manual operation
  • Sliding door with safety interlock switch to prevent opening during mixing
  • Soil discharge can be operated manually or regulated automatically with level sensors
  • Includes fork pocket for moving mixer within the facility
  • Both mixing machines come equipped with a discharge incline conveyor


Machine Weight:
MC1120 – 1,718 lbs
MC2120 – 2,139 lbs


  • Wheels to assist with manual transport
  • Electronic load cell weighing system
  • Extended soil discharge belt


Electrical Requirements:
MC1120 available as 220VAC, Single or 3 Phase
MC2120 available as 220VAC, 3 Phase only


Sliding Door Dimensions:
MC1120 – 19.5″ deep x 78.5″ wide
MC2120 – 23.5″ deep x 98.5″ wide


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