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Soil Mixing & Delivery Systems



AgriNomix’ Soil Blending and Delivery Systems are custom designed and built with galvanized steel hoppers and conveyors. Direct drive motors and gearboxes are used throughout, which means no chains or sprockets to maintain. AgriNomix has chosen premium solid shaft axles, rubber lagged drive pulleys, as well as soil shedding tail rollers which include taper lock collars to ensure reliability over the long haul. The conveyor belts ride on roller bed frames with sealed bearings to ensure longevity, while components that come in contact with fertilizer and mix are built of stainless steel. The electrical control cabinets are completely built in-house at our Oberlin, Ohio plant, and can be equipped with the optional recipe soil-blending program, which allows multiple soil mix formulas to be automatically delivered to the appropriate destinations. Systems are custom engineered to specifically suit the layout of each customer’s facility and requirements.

The following detailed information provides an in depth look into the Soil Blending and Delivery System’s innovative design, quality construction, and unmatched price/performance.


Soil conveyors are engineered to enable a simple modular bolt-together design, utilizing 11ga galvanized steel construction and designed to a proven level of superior strength. Maintenance is kept to a minimum due to the fact that the drop-in style troughing and flat carry rollers all have sealed bearings, as well as the grease fittings at the drive pulley bearings. Weight capacity upgrades can be as simple as adding more carrier rollers into the prefabricated locations. Future lengths can be easily modified by adding or removing a prefabricated section of conveyor. Support legs utilize tough powder coatings baked over 3/16” heavy-duty modular steel tubing components for superior strength, stability, and adjustability, which give our customers great confidence in the safety of the conveyors.

  • The rigid 8” tall frame has a much greater support span and load capacity than other designs. The overall low profile troughing configuration allows better clearance in tight locations.
  • Faster delivery of soil to destinations is accomplished by belt speeds of 200’ / minute and available up to 400′ / minute.
  • Direct drive gearboxes in conjunction with inverter duty USA motors provide for minimal maintenance and extremely long life.
  • Heavy Duty 1 7/16″ head and tail axle shafts w/ taper lock collars, (NO WELDING ON SHAFTS).
  • Industrial duty, 8″ rubber lagged head pulleys provide greater grip, low maintenance, & longer life.
  • Industrial duty, 8″ soil shedding tail wing pulleys (NO HOME-MADE END PULLEYS TO BREAK).
  • Telescoping conveyor belt take-ups and heavy duty pillow blocks with grease fittings, make maintenance and adjustments very easy.
  • Modular bolt together conveyor design allows customers, at any future time, to easily make changes to the conveyor length.


The Bulk Hoppers
have bolt-together simplicity and superior strength through our innovative design, not only the gauge of the materials.

  • 11ga. Galvanized steel with a 100% FULL FLOW gate arrangement, and proven 70 degree sheer sidewalls. Both of these superior design features result in greatly improved flow characteristics, less material bridging, and in most cases this eliminate any need for expensive agitators.
  • If required, hoppers accept a unique modular, single or double, cross oriented agitator. Each agitator comes complete with direct drive motors, double gear reduction; agitator is ready for a bolt on paddle units to provide customer adjustability for different substrates.
  • Hopper conveyors have the same dependable motor, gearboxes, axle shaft, end pulley’s, and support roller system as our soil conveyors, eliminating downtime due to failures.
  • 9′ long hoppers provide for a lower height profile, allowing easier loading with less spillage.
  • Exclusive longer out-feed conveyor for the hoppers with vertical side plates and belt seals. This configuration prevents “gate free out flow” or “material cascading” occurrences when high flow materials are contained in the hoppers.
  • Innovative design of conveyor receivers will precisely place soils onto each conveyor during all soil transitions. This design thereby eliminates soil spillage and prevents any possible belt tracking issues due to off center belt loading, or material falling onto the return conveyor.
  • Side wall reinforcing for the hoppers is a lengthways design which combines the strength of the two closed ends with two heavy duty 3” x 3” posts, versus inefficient vertical bracing.
  • Extensions available for easily bolting on modular sections of up to 10 yards of capacity.
  • Options include tail shaft rotation confirmation, material outflow sensors, extra support rollers @ 6” centers, agitators, safety screens, dust covers, and bucket receivers.


The Chemical hoppers
are all stainless steel, 11 ga. construction.


  • Hoppers have specially designed dual angle contour sides to increase flow and reduce material bridging.
  • High flow, low resistance gate outlet with precision locking adjustment handle.
  • Exclusive longer hopper out-feed with vertical side plates and belt seals. This prevents “gate out flow” or material cascading occurrences when high flow components are used.
  • Endless conveyor belting made of chemical resistant polyurethane outer surface, with internal PET polyester composition.
  • Hopper Capacity of 300# (lime) large capacity reduces labor for re-loading.
  • Included hopper covers resist humidity, chemical contamination, and have integrated low level, depth adjustable photo eye sensors.
  • Spreader fan at out-feed of hoppers provides uniform dispersion of chemicals across the soil.
  • Solid 1” shafts with taper lock end pulleys allow for long life and greater dependability.
  • Options include tail shaft rotation confirmation, outflow sensors, and extensions.



The Soil Processor
provides two different types of mixing. First, the soil falls over a spinning mixer bar, tossing the soil left to right. Subsequently, the soil falls into the large auger, where multiple flights will begin the gentle lifting and folding process to blend the ingredients together. These two actions have been providing proven, unsurpassed blending of substrates, fertilizers, and chemicals for AgriNomix customers for well over 5 years. This unique action provides an enormous advantage to growers by eliminating particle separation or break down of the peat or bark fiber like the tiller style mixers. The corrosion resistant “Schedule 80” PVC water bar with solenoid valve, filter, and flow control can be controlled electrically with the Recipe Option for precise moisture control in every mixture. The Processors are made with a stainless steel mixing chamber area with removable covers and access door, grease able bearings, direct drive gearboxes, inverter duty motors, and painted steel mixer & auger. (Note: Stainless mixer/ auger upgrade is available)



Electrical Control Cabinets are custom designed and built entirely at the AgriNomix facility, with spare parts on the shelf for fast reaction to any service problems.


  • Recipe software is extremely grower friendly with storage capacity for 99 different recipes, and custom software for easy initial, or future, system calibration. This software, with its vibrant, user-friendly interface screens, easily communicates industry standard terminology of desired pounds per yard for the chemicals and fertilizer components and percentage of the mix required of all bulk hopper items.


  • Recipe option has 3 selectable modes of operation:
  1. Full Recipe – any recipe soil mix to multiple destinations.
  2. Single mix to multiple destinations – during seasonal or daily production peaks this mode maintains at all times the entire mixing conveyor and the incline conveyor to the top, full with one mix of soil.
  3. Single mix to one destination – same as mode 2 but maintains the soil all the way to the one destination chosen.


  • Optional dual touch screen interface; customer can have one screen at the soil mixing area electrical panel and a second touch screen in the production area.
  • Optional items: 480vac, start up or fault audio / visual alarms, remote access modems, capacity for future equipment, UL certifications, remote disconnects, extra e-stops, pause and resume priority controls when bulk trailer filling.


See video and specifications