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ZETA 65 Drum Seeder

The Zeta electronic drum seeder is a highly flexible, easy to use seeding machine, that is available as a stand-alone unit, or as part of a complete seeding line. The seeding drum is electronically controlled instead of mechanically driven, enabling it to sow a wide range of seeds in either single or multiple quantities per cell, with high accuracy. Customized seeding drums can be ordered that provide for a virtually infinite number of seeding patterns. Depending on the tray cell count and seed type, it can sow up to 600 trays per hour, when sowing one seed per cell. The Zeta seeder also allows for easy changeover of tray and seed types, as the seeding and dibbler drums can be quickly changed out without the use of any tools. The user friendly control panel with keypad and view screen provides for easy setup and adjustment, and enables the operator to enter and store up to 99 different seeding programs.






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• Integrated vacuum pump.
• Fast and easy drum changes without tools.
• Sow 1-99 seeds per cell with one pass
• Seed hopper vibrates and moves back and forth across the drum surface to insure a loose, consistent supply of seed, and to achieve seed singulation, aided by a double nozzle air jet blow-off bar.
• Direct sow into pot
• Processing Speed:
• Up to 600 trays/hour

Air Requirements:
• 7 CFM @ 85 PSI

Electrical Requirements:
• 230V, 21Amps, 3 Phase


• Drums for difficult seeds.
• Dibbles
• Tray height adjustment for 1” to 7 3/4″


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