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SIGMA Seeding Line

Integrated Sigma seeding lines are custom built to customer needs, allowing growers to choose howautomated they want their seeding line to be. Available items include: tray dispenser, tray filler, dibbler, drum seeder, covering hopper, watering chamber and tray stacker. Precision seeding drums achieve extremely high seeding accuracy and production speeds of up to 1800 trays per hour. All machine functions are managed through an ergonomically designed operator panel that is PLC based. A standard “timing chain” feature also insures all seeding line operations are properly synchronized. An optional computerized recipe system is available that controls all the variables on the seeding machine. Once programmed, the operator simply enters on the touchscreen PLC monitor the recipe by seed type, and the first tray through the last tray are sown precisely according to pre-determined settings.

ALFA_Seeding_Line_large ALPHA_Seeding_Line_sm1 ALFA_Seeding_Line_sm2 SIGMA_Seeding_Line_sm2

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  • Fast and easy seeding drum changes without tools.
  • The seed hopper vibrates and moves back and forth across the drum to insure a loose and consistant supply of seed.
  • Seeding singulation is achieved by air jet nozzles and drum tappers.

Processing Speed :

  •  Up to 1800 trays/hour

Electrical Requirements:

  • 230VAC, 3 phase, 26 amps

Air Requirements:

  • 7 CFM @ 100 PSI

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