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KAPPA Seeder

The Kappa row seeder is an entry-level seeder capable of sowing up to 2400 rows per hour. The Kappa features a pneumatic seeder mounted atop a 5-foot-long, 23.5-inch-wide power conveyor belt. The Kappa can be used as a stand-alone seeder, or incorporated with other automation in a seeding line. The seeder uses venturi operation to pick up seeds from the seed tray and release them in to the drop tubes. The Kappa works with most standard trays and seeds, naked and pelleted. Manually adjustable tray guide rails and a 5.7” color touch-screen panel make setup fast and easy. Complete automatic dibbler operation included. Programmable to sow multiple seeds per cell, or with optional multi-seed nozzles.  Seeder comes with nozzle kit, first seeder bar, and matching dibbler. Additional nozzles, seeder bars, and dibble configurations can be purchased.

All seeder sales require tray samples and a list of intended seeds to be sown. In some cases, seed samples may be requested.


Layout Drawing



  • Sows up to 2,400 rows per hour
  • Works with trays up to 15.75” wide x 29.5” long x 5” tall
  • Powered conveyor belt advancement
  • 7” color touch-screen panel
  • Venturi system vacuum pump
  • Supplied Nozzles: 0.20, 0.25, 0.30, 0.40, 0.50, 0.60, 0.70 (mm)
  • Optional silicone and multi-seed nozzles available


Electrical Requirements:

  • 230 Volts- 3 Phase Power


Dimensions and Weight:

  • Machine Size        25” L x 38” W x 50.25” H
  • Weight       375 lbs.


Air Requirements:

  • 5 CFM of compressed air (air dryer required)


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