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Covering/Watering Unit

The Covering/Watering Unit, when added to a seeding line, provides a uniform media top coating and water distribution to trays exiting the seeder. To reduce waste, the application is only on when a tray is present. The vermiculite drum hopper can be adjusted to control the flow. The water unit has two laser drilled water-bars for consistent water application. This unit can be integrated into a seeding line and easily controlled through the touch screen controls located on an Urbinati seeder. Additional water bars are available.

Layout Drawing



  • Vermiculite Hopper Capacity 170 L (45 Gal)
  • Powder coated steel frame
  • Adjustable Flow Drum Hopper
  • Sensor controlled Flow and Water (minimizes excess on conveyor)
  • Laser Drilled Water Bar with flow control valves



  • 10′ (3 M) Length
  • 2′ 11″ (.9 M) Width
  • 5′ 5″ (1.6 M) Height


  • Vermiculite Recuperation System
  • Integrate additional hoppers and water bars
  • Pneumatic Tray Upstacker


Electrical Requirements:

  • 230 VAC- 3 Phase


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