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A35 Seed-Air-Matic Combo

KW Automations popular A35 can be ordered fully integrated with the Econo Vermiculite Dispenser and watering system. The Econo Vermiculite Dispenser has the option of a single water bar to water in the trays after being covered with vermiculite. This gives the grower a fully optional seeder including dibbler, seeder, vermiculite dispenser and watering bar. This system can be attached to all existing KW bench top seeders such as A25, A50, H35 with an upgrade aluminum kit.



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• A superb economic seeding system for the small, medium or larger grower.
• Durable all aluminum base and legs.
• Fully integratable.


• Optional water bar with water tray.

Processing Speed:
• 1 row/sec.

Air Requirements
• 15 CFM @ 80 PSI

Maximum Tray Width:
• 15.75″

Maximum Tray Depth:
• 7″

• 97 ” L x 31″ W x 36 ” H


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