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A35 Seed-Air-Matic

A vacuum is applied to an array of interchangeable syringe needles to accurately pickup and deposit seed in each individual cell. Seeding directly into punnets or plug trays singly or in multiples may be achieved by replacing single needles with multiple needles (up to 4 per cell). Excess seed is collected via a vacuum tube and deposited in a removable glass jar, allowing quick and easy change-over of seed varieties. A height adjustable seeding head caters for both plug trays and bedding plant flats.



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• Quickly and easily change seed types, tray configuration and different size needles.
• Seeds up to 1 row/sec. with any plug tray.
• Onboard dibbler designed to advance the tray while at the same time dibbling.
• High pressure push button needle cleaning
• Durable all aluminum construction.
• Accurate singulation even with difficult seed.
• Sow seeds of all shapes and sizes (incl. Petunia, Marigold & Pepper).

Processing Speed:
• 1 row/sec.

Air Requirements:
• 10 CFM @ 80 PSI

Maximum Length Between Cell Centers:
• 2.75″

Maximum Tray Length:
• Std. 15.75 ”
• Midi 21.5 ”
• Wide 30 ”

Maximum Tray Depth:
• 7″

• Std. 47 ” L x 30″ W x 20″ H
• Midi 47 ” L x 36″ W x 20″ H
• Wide 47 ” L x 44″ W x 20″ H


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