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100EM Midi Low Drop Seed-Air-Matic

The 100EM Midi Low Drop Seed-Air-Matic allows rectangular plug trays to to be seeded up to 150% faster than it’s predecessors by seeding rows the length of the tray rather than the width, providing high volume precision seeding to the grower. An on-board top dresser may be regulated to deliver a light or heavy covering of either vermiculite or dry plug mix as required. An optional watering bar is also available which gives the grower the ability to accurately inject controlled doses into each cell at various stages of seeding. The different sizes of seed suction needles allows seed of all shapes and sizes to be sown (including Petunia, Marigold and Tomato). Seeding directly into flats or plug trays singly or in multiples can be carried out simply by replacing single needles with multiple needles (up to 4 per cell). Minimized seed bounce by placing seed directly into dibble cell tray. No droptubes!


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• Easy to adjust onboard dibbler allows accurate placement of seed.
• Seeds up to 1 row/sec. (with any plug tray).
• Programmable Logic Controller automatically adjusts cell spacing and allows
sowing of up to 9 seeds per cell.
• Quickly and easily change seed types and trays.
• Durable all aluminum construction.

Processing Speed:
• 1 row/sec.

Air Requirements:
• 10 CFM @ 80 PSI

Maximum Length Between Cell Centers:
• 2.75″

Maximum Tray Length:
• 22″

Maximum Tray Depth:
• 7″

• 100″ L x 30 ” W x 60″ H


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