Production Conveyors

Studies have shown that a grower uses approximately 40% of its labor to:
• Load and unload trucks.
• Transport plants in or out of the greenhouse.
• Move or space potted plants on benches, flood floors, or beds.
Growers have experienced a 50% decrease in material handling labor costs by installing material
transport conveyor systems. No matter what the material handling need, AgriNomix has a solution.


There are a wide range of available conveyor designs tailored to meet your production, shipping,
and material transport needs:
• Light-weight Aluminum frame roller bed conveyors.
• Heavy-duty steel frame slide bed conveyors.
• Turning and incline conveyors.
• Plastic roller gravity conveyors.

Electrical Requirements:
• 110 / 220 V, single or 3 phase

• Standard sizes ranging from 6″ to 24″ wide
• Standard lengths ranging from 4′ to 20′
• Custom sizes available

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