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Topping Machine

The Topping Machine is suitable for processing soil and other topping materials. The machine accommodates both round and square pots and is available in both a left- and right-hand version. Two fixed wheels along with two swivel wheels allow the machine to be moved easily and quickly. The machine can be simply integrated into any system with conveyor belts, and the frequency control makes it easy to accurately set the speed of the machine. Another unique feature of the machine is that the toppings are distributed across the pot using two scraping pins. A spring leveler, that is adjustable in height, is positioned above the pots to skim off the excess topping material, which is then returned to the storage bin.


video of the Martin Stolze topping machine



  • Can be configured to work in either direction
  • Capable of up to 5,000 pots/hour
  • Pot sizes of 3” to 13 ¾”
  • Works with round and square pots
  • Wheels allow for easy movement
  • Frequency controls
  • Optional vibration system available



  • Vibration System


Electrical Requirements:

  • 230 VAC- 3 Phase


Dimensions & Weight:

  • 138” L x 66” W x 84’ H
  • 1654 lbs.


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