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IM2800 Mobile Potting Machine


The IM2800 is an economical solution for filling large containers from 6” to 20” in diameter, and up to 16” tall. Production rates range from 250-600 containers per hour depending upon the size of the container and the level of compaction desired. The height of the larger capacity hopper allows for easy soil loading. The adjustable speed soil delivery system can deliver up to 12.5 yards per hour. Vibrating table allows for consistent filling and compaction. Comes standard with a single and double chute attachment. Double chute allows for 2 containers to be filled simultaneously. The soil return system uses an electronically controlled, adjustable speed belt to return soil back to the main hopper. This potting machine offers mobility, versatility, and value in a user-friendly package.

Layout Drawing



  • Hopper Capacity: 2.1 yards
  • Container Sizes: 6”- 20” in diameter, 16” tall
  • Soil Delivery: 12.5 yards/hour
  • Soil Elevator: 31.5” with double chain
  • Vibrating potting bench
  • Electronically controlled, speed-adjustable soil delivery
  • Built-in fork pockets



  • Longer chute for filling large pots
  • Vibrating-rotating support for use with longer chute


Electrical Requirements:

  • Electrical- 230 VAC, Single Phase
  • Power Consumption 2.5 KW



  • 134” L x 57” W x 91” H
  • 1985 Lbs.



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