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IA3500 Potting Machine

The IA3500 is the potting machine of a new generation. This machine gives the grower the opportunity to pre-program the settings for each specific pot size, considerably reducing the set-up time to change over between different pot sizes. Works with round pots in diameter of 8 cm (4,500 pots/hour) to 25 cm (2,500 pots/hour); completely electromechanical; fully-automatic control soil feeding system; energy saving machine; high safety standard.

The pot denester, drill depth, hourly production, speed of the working belt and the other functions of the potting machine are all controlled by a PLC and they can be easily set from the color touch-screen display.  All settings can be programmed and saved by the operator; the last setting can be recalled with just one touch.

Layout Drawing



  • 2-Yard Hopper
  • Works with pots 3 to 9.85 inches in diameter
  • Pot Denester
  • Drill
  • Programmable PLC Controller
  • Color Touch Screen Display


  • 230 VAC, 60 Hz, 3P, 25 Amps


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