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DPM 10 Potting Machine

The DPM 10 is a machine for growers working with pots from 2 1/2” up to 10 1/2” pots. The machine is extremely easy to adjust with a central adjustment system. This machine is equipped with a fully-automatic soil dispensing system that has a larger return to handle all types of soil. Soil belt speed based on pot size and can be run in reverse to clear a blockage or empty machine between soil types. The standard 2 1/2 yd. soil hopper can be enlarged up to 4 yds . The DPM 10 can also be used as both a stationary and mobile unit, as the potting machine is easily moveable thanks to pneumatic tires and optional tow bar. For the nursery, the machine has a soil hatch that releases substrate on a rotating middle table for bare-root. DPM 10 has been designed with less parts than previous models for smoother operation and service.


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Layout Drawing


• Pot Sizes: 2 1/2″ – 10 1/2″

Soil Hopper Capacity:
• 2 1/2 Cubic Yards

Electrical Requirements:
• 220VAC, 3 phase, 32 amps

•156” long x 40” wide hopper x 76” tall

Hopper Height :
• 52″

• 3/4” to 81/2”* (*larger drills require drive.)

Pots per hr:
• Up to 4000 based on pot soil volume

• Wide pneumatic tires with swivel casters

• Available in Left or Right hand mode of operation
• Hopper extensions
• Pot destacker
• Pot supply belt to destacker
• CRF dosing per pot
• Bulb planting kit (shown)
• Integrated pot takeoff conveyor
• Rear tow-bar
• Double potter
• Multiple drills per pot


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