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Production Pace Timers

What is the value of a highly visible, real time “Scoreboard” that shows how a production line is performing against an established production rate? Our system counts production in real time, instantly recalculates performance, and displays results on a large display in the production area, or on any workstation connected to the network. Not only a management tool, this system also motivates workers to stay on track! Data collection provides accurate record of what has occurred in every production run.


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    • Truly real time for “live view” of production performance.
    • Measures performance against company standard and shows live deviation from standard.
    • Allows import of company production standards.
    • Production queue set-up from PC.
    • “Pendant” control box for basic operation by line personnel, without access to system on PC.
    • Data collection & exchange complies with recognized industrial standards.
    • Ethernet capable system for fast data transfer and flexible connectivity.
    • Allows for data export after a batch run, and organized storage / access of this data.
  • Nothing motivates like visible, real-time results!!

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