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Fertil Dispenser

The FERTIL DISPENSER, is a revolutionary idea when it comes to the manual distribution of fertilizers. It is a “backpack” style, gravity-feed tool, for carrying and dispensing dry, micro-granular fertilizer through a hand held control wand. The unit can be ordered with only a metered head gram-weight control wand, for exact dosing, or, with both the metered wand and a non-metered wand for continuous or general applications.

The FERTIL DISPENSER, enables one operator to fertilize from 600 to 1500 plants in an hour. It is simple to operate, and can be used by any personnel for extended lengths of time, due to it’s ergonomic shape and the excellent mobility it provides. It is an irreplaceable tool for greenhouse, nursery, or landscape personnel, wherever granular fertilizer needs to be localized and mechanical means are not an option.


Fertil_Dispenser_Sm1 Fertil_Dispenser_Sm2 Fertil_Dispenser_Sm3

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• Metered head adjusts from 2 to 26 grams
• Precision aimed using the front tip of the wand.
• No special skills required to operate it.
• No waste of fertilizer through exact dosing.
• Improves worker productivity up to 4 times.

• Adjustable shoulder harness straps.
• Equipment weight = 3.1 kg (approx. 7 lbs.).
• Maximum dispenser capacity = 20 liters (approx. 5 gallons).

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