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The CartCaddy prevents physical strain and pain associated with pushing or pulling heavy carts and other wheeled equipment. The most common application is the cart with 2 front swivel casters and 2 rear straight casters. The CartCaddy cart puller attaches to the swivel caster end and provides the pushing and pulling power necessary for easy turning and intricate maneuvering. The available remote control unit enables the operator to move the carts forward or backward, thereby removing the need to walk back and forth to reposition the train of carts for loading or unloading.

Cart_Caddy_LargeSM Train-in 3 Cart Short Path 003


• 36V (3) 115 amp batteries.
• Up to 16 hours of continuous use.
• Tubular steel frame.
• 1500 lb. Differential/Transaxle.
• Adjustable acceleration/braking.
• Non-marking tires.
• Automatic charger.
• Battery discharge indicator.
• Can pivot 180 degrees. Using 5th wheel arm.
• Variable speed twist grip for forward or reverse from 0-3 mph.
• Safety stop switch positioned on handle bar control box.

• Can be optioned to pull up to 20,000 lbs.
• Operator remote control unit.
• Electric lift kit.
• On board charger.
• Flashing light and pole.
• 5th wheel arm (includes centering coupler and lever kit).
• Safety horn.


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