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Semi Automatic Transport Car

The Semi Automatic Transport Car is an innovative tool to move containers quickly, efficiently and with greatly reduced labor costs. It can be delivered in hot dip alvanized or powder coated steel. The semi traction batteries guarantee a long life span. The flexible folding mechanism makes the Semi Automatic Transport Car especially useful on uneven floors. Each car is specifically designed for a customer’s tray size.


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Features / Benefits:

  • Significant labor-savings, with low capital investment
  • Provides a more comfortable, and therefore, more productive, working condition for personnel moving containers
  • Suitable for uneven floors
  • Semi traction batteries, standard 2 x 230 Ah
  • 2-Speed for greater flexibility and efficiency of operation
  • Suitable for all container sizes. Custom designed for your specific container size
  • Safe, comfortable platform for the driver

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