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Rapid Link Modular Motor Control System

The traditional internal transport control system consists of a large, central wiring cabinet containing a PLC and many I/O cards. All of the remote control systems (e.g. motor starters and sensors) are wired back to the main panel resulting in potentially hundreds of feet of control cable per item. Each internal transport automation project is a unique control design, program, and installation. The end result is a great deal of time to design, program, install, and test each unique project.

The Rapid Link Modular Motor Control System is a network of stand-alone motor control units that are located throughout the greenhouse and connected via a common power and communications bus. The advantage of this system is that each motor control system can be programmed, tested, and installed independent of the rest of the control system.




Modular Design:
• Up to 25% reduction in project engineering and installation time.

Less Wiring:
• 50% less cabling.

Reduced System Downtime:
• Improved diagnostic capabilities, plug-in cabling, and common part usage, enable quick troubleshooting and repair.
• Waterproof wiring connections.
• Easy expansion capability.

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