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Mechanized Basket Elevator (MBE)

The MBE offers a new and innovative approach to the difficult and time consuming job of loading and removing hanging baskets from revolving overhead hanging basket systems. The elevator design lifts the baskets from the lower position to the upper position, greatly reducing the amount of bent over lifting and overhead raising of the baskets. Crews can work more efficiently and longer, with less fatigue, error, and potential injury. The MBE will allow each worker to have a consistent location to load and unload pots, while providing a buffer that allows each laborer to work ahead, unrestricted by the other worker. The variable speed motor, as well as the height adjustment, allow fine tuning to a wide variety of basket types and greenhouse situations.


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Capacity: 500 — 1,300 Baskets/hr.

• 6’ 5” L x 4’ 2” W x 8’ 7’ H
• Custom heights can be ordered based on customer requirements

Electrical Requirements: 110 or 220 vac single phase, 7 amps

• Safe and stable construction
• Easy and intuitive to operate and control
• Variable speed capability
• No integration requirements, ready to use with existing equipment
• Smooth movement and precise positioning with casters and brakes
• Much more efficient use of la-bor with a high level of safety
• Acts as efficient buffer system, ensuring the no hooks on the overhead system are missed

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