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“GROW-n-GO Racks” Transportation & Growing System


Unless growing directly on the floor for a specific reason, an important question for most growers is “what method should we use for getting product ‘off the floor’, both for growing and for moving product around the greenhouse?”  The following is a summary of the most common methods currently in use:


Method Advantages Challenges
Fixed Benches Relatively simple and inexpensive. Completely inflexible and static.  Hard to get at, work on, and move product.
Rolling Benches Greater flexibility than “fixed”.  Will move a lot of product very quickly.  Rolling systems facilitate automation and quick highways in and out of greenhouse. Cost, complexity, wasted space consumed by the tracks and mechanisms.  Difficult / expensive to change configuration.
Upside down flats / trays Cheap (but not cost effective). Too many to list.  19th century technique.
 logo8_page Flexible, cost effective, adaptable to almost any growing / moving need, converts directly to and from carts. Grower must spend time figuring out what to do with all the money he is saving with the Grow Rack system.


Imagine a system where carts are used to move product into the greenhouse, then, the carts’ shelves are easily “un-stacked” and set on the floor for growing. The plants are off the floor, with the beneficial micro-climate forming underneath the racks. From there, the racks are easily moved to different parts of the greenhouse, accessed for different operations, such as trimming, and then easily re-assembled for moving and ultimately shipping.

Layout Drawing



  • Creates desirable “micro-climate” underneath the trays.
  • Easy conversion to and from shipping racks.
  • Very easy system for getting product to and from the greenhouse, as well as setting down and picking up with ease and flexibility.
  • Many options for “patterning” racks on the floor, tailored to the need of the crop
    (See PDF for example layout patterns, and we can help you optimize your layouts).
  • High quality, galvanized construction by the same source as our shipping carts.



  • Micro-climate provides excellent growing environment.
  • Extreme agility and flexibility of system allows growers to react quickly and dynamically, with absolutely minimal “touches” of the trays:
    • Allows growers to move specific plants to  the right environmental zone in the greenhouse, rather than trying to change the environment where the plants are sitting.
    • Actually “extends” the greenhouse during peak times by allowing the grower to optimize  the use of all available space, even space that may not perfect for the plant, but is the best available.
    • For growers with multiple locations, allows quick and easy transfer, again with minimal “touches”, to/from satellite operations.
  • Minimum wasted space compared to fixed and rolling benches.
  • Cost starts at about $3.00 per sq. foot installed compared to $8.00+ for rolling benches – depending on design



  • Length and width to your specifications.
  • Height fixed by post height, with spacer available for greater height.

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