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Container Conveyors

Movement of rolling benches on conveyors, known as Rollabaans, can be done by hand or automatically using a computer controlled drive system. Significant labor savings can be realized by efficiently moving plants to and from the production, growing, and shipping areas. Rollabaans are the superhighways of the fully automated greenhouse. Computer controlled drive systems integrate with production, grading, shipping, and environmental control systems to move the plants automatically through the entire growing cycle.Container_Conveyors_Large

Container_Conveyors_Sm3 Container_Conveyors_Sm1 Container_Conveyors_Sm2



Innovative Design:
• Modular design reduces the overall number of parts allowing for easy installation and maintenance.
• Unique lifting frame design offers smoother transfer of containers from continuous greenhouse pipe tracks and the opportunity to increase growing area by two containers per row.

• Automatic container transport line speeds can reach up to 1.3 ft/second.

• Container conveyors are custom designed along with rolling benches to maximize growing area in the greenhouse.

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