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Aluminum Container Rolling Benches

Aluminum Container Rolling Benches offer complete handling of plant material, from planting to shipping. Some key advantages of this system include flexibility, efficient crop movement, and labor savings. For example, rolling benches allow you to bring the plants to workers in the production and shipping areas. Double-handling and time spent moving people and materials in the greenhouse are eliminated. Flood style benches conserve water, decrease irrigation labor requirements, and yield a more consistent pot crop. The bench can also serve as the platform growing area. It can be easily moved from one climate zone to another. The movement of the benches can be manual, automatic, or a combination of the two.


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Innovative Design:
• Rounded corners with integrated stacking buttons provide a stronger more user-friendly container.
• Reflective bottom materials increase the amount of light that reaches the lower leaves of potted plants.
• Critical wheel-bar and corner joints are robotically welded at the factory for superior strength and easier
on-site assembly.
• Flood and open bottoms are available in a variety of materials to meet specific growing requirements.

• Standard 10 lbs / sq ft (Custom designs for heavier payloads available).

• Custom designed and manufactured to any size to maximize growing area in the greenhouse.

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