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EOS-700 Sleeving Machine

This sleeving machine automatically opens a sleeve to receive a potted plant — and can even handle plants placed in ceramics. This unique apparatus gently controls the descent of delicate plants into sleeves in order to prevent damage.


Great results and increased productivity are achieved with all types of difficult plants such as orchids, anthurium, amaryllis, etc. Sleeves are easily reloaded using the three-sided wicket carousel. The unit can sleeve up to a 5½” pot. Requires compressed air.


PDF Brochure
video of the sleeving machine
video of the sleeving machine


• Easy to use
• Increased productivity (up to 700 cycles per hour)
• Floor space required:  70″ x 28.5″
• Height:  45.25”
• Weight:  198 Lbs.
• Easy to move thanks to 4 swivel castors, 2 of which fitted with a lock
• Stainless Steel Frame
• Stainless Steel 3-position sleeve feeder (packaging sleeve size:  37.5″ x 12.5″ x 6.25″ (max)  |  19.75″ x 12.5″ x 6.25″ (min) )

Energy & Safety

Electricity:  208V/60Hz 16A

Compressed air:  Minimum 3 Bar (44psi) required.  Maximum of 12 Bar (174psi)

Electrical safety: The machine must be connected to a 230V socket protected by a 30 mA differential circuit-breaker.

Pneumatic safety: The cylinder output force is limited by air pressure regulators.  They are set to less than 1.5 Bar (22psi).


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