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Mylar Wrapping Machine

This innovative machine makes possible the rapid and effortless placement of an elastic band around a pot wrapped with Mylar material.


Banding and wrapping costs significant labor dollars and adds time in getting your orders out the door. Watch the video below to discover a better way to handle this labor intensive operation while saving time and money in the process. The result is a superior, more consistent task.


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• Easy to use

• Effortless (no manual tightening)

• Increased productivity (up to 700 cycles per hour)

• Total cycle counter (information provided on a display)

• Compact size (27” x 27”)

• Height: 37”

• Weight: 155 Lbs.

•Easy to move thanks to 4 swivel castors, 2 of which fitted with a lock

Energy & Safety

Electricity: 110VAC, 30W

Compressed air: 0.12 CFM @ min. 72psi, max. 87psi, using an external tube with 8mm external diameter.

Electrical safety: The machine must be connected to a 110V socket protected by a

30 mA differential circuit-breaker. The control components (push, pneumatic distributors) operate at very low voltage at 24VDC (safety from electrical risks for the operator).

Pneumatic safety: The cylinder output force is limited by an air pressure regulator to protect the operator. The “just laid” worktable avoids the operator’s hands getting stuck.

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