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Label Applicator

Manually labeling your products can be a time-consuming task. The label applicator sticks pre-printed self-adhesive labels quickly and automatically. The applicator is mounted on a mobile frame, which can easily be positioned to work with an existing conveyor. The frame is height-adjustable, so you can decide where you want to paste the sticker. The machine can also be adjusted to the desired angle of inclination for labeling pots. Applicator is capable of applying more than one label per unit, so it can apply labels to multiple pots in a tray. Both the speed and the transit length can easily be set by the rotary knobs. Your labels are therefore always stuck straight and in the desired location.




video of the label applicator


  • Suitable for every size product
  • Right and Left version available
  • Adjustable height
  • Mobile frame
  • Various adapter rings included for different size label rolls
  • Max Roll Diameter- 7.875”
  • Max Roll Height- 2.3″


Electrical Requirements:

  • 110 VAC


Dimensions & Weight:

  • 34” L x 34” W x 48” H
  • 104 lbs.

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