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Mobile Plug Popper

Consolidating (grading out) seedlings after the first week of growing offers many benefits including elimination of costly greenhouse space – essentially wasted on empty cells. Throughout all phases of plug growing, savings are found by ensuring that all resources are directed to viable plants. The Flier Systems Mobile Plug Popper uses vision grading technology to identify and remove non-viable plants early enough to allow for “re-plugging” (fixing). Sophisticated software remembers plant characteristics by genera and plant age making change over quick and easy.


PDF Brochure
Layout Drawing
video of the mobile plug popper


Processing Speed :
• Up to 600 trays per hour

Electrical Requirements:
• 230 VAC/ 3 Phase , 2.5 Amps

Available Options
• Mobile & stationary models
• Swing arm touch screen
• Custom frames for over bench use
• Dispenser/infeed conveyor
• Mobile plug fixer

• 88″H x 32″W x 138″L


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