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Mobile Plug Fixer

The Flier Systems Mobile Plug Fixer utilizes vision grading technology to identify and replace nonviable plants within days of seeding. Sophisticated software remembers plant characteristics by genera and plant age, making change over quick and easy. Highest speeds can be achieved by designating all five “fixing arms” for plug replacement if plugs are pre-popped. Two “fixing arms” may be used instead for removing nonviable plugs, leaving the other three arms for plug replacement. Enhanced mobility and flexibility lower costs for plant movement logistics by allowing the machine to be used in growing areas.


PDF Brochure
Layout Drawing
video of the mobile plug fixer

• Tray dispensers
• Dual camera grading
• PC data storage and retrieval
• Stabilizer jacks
• Stainless steel construction

Estimated Capacity:
• 3 Arms re-plugging, 7,560 plugs per hour
• 5 Arms re-plugging, 11,160 plugs per hour

• 230VAC, 3 phase, 25 Amps

• 79″H x 64″W x 158″L


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