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Prins Maasdijk “TRIKE” Forklift

The TRIKE represents a leap forward in forklift technology targeted for the horticulture industry. Engineered with widely spaced front wheels, and closely spaced rear wheels, the TRIKE can traverse even the loosest, most difficult terrain smoothly and without digging into the surface. WHY? Because the spacing of the large front and rear tires ensures that they don’t ride in the same track, keeping rutting to a minimum.

Couple this design with a powerful, fuel efficient “Kubota” diesel engine, state-of-the-art hydrostatic transmission, and a built-in ride stabilizer for smoothly carrying pots/trays, and we think that the “TRIKE” is changing the game for moving plants around horticulture operations.

The hydrostatic transmission also makes a “hands off” pot spacing option possible. Various spacing options can be programmed into the controller and when selected, the TRIKE automatically spaces the pots without any operator intervention.


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Pot Spacing Option



    • Hydrostatic transmission for smooth, programmable operation.
    • Extra wide, non-overlapping wheel design for smoothly negotiating difficult surfaces.
    • Specially designed, high visibility mast for high operator efficiency in moving and precisely placing pots and trays.
    • Zero “0” turning radius.
    • Powerful, reliable Kubota 1,123 cc diesel engine.
    • Programmable, automatic “hands off” pot spacing option.  This option, made possible by the hydrostatic transmission, allows you to set up various spacing options for your pots, and the TRIKE with space them automatically, without operator intervention.

Load Capacity: 2,200 lbs

Weight including counter balance: 4,585 lbs

Kubota D1105E, 3 cylinder diesel
1.123 liter displacement (68.53 cu. inches)
25.5 Hp, 16 mph speed

Dimensions (w/o forks):
7’ 8” L x 5’ 10” W x 7’ H
5’ 10” m Lift Height
4’ 10” Mast Height

Tire Specifications:
295/50R15 front
24X13-12 rear


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